Kaali (2018)

Vijay Antony – He is the master of choosing the best script. This movie adds among his victory list and he rocks again.
Anjali – Repetitive role
Yogi Babu – Once again proved as master of timing comedy
Sunaina– Simple
Shilpa Manjunath – Bold performance
Amritha – Cute and romantic
Other – Well done
Story – A young doctor in search of his biological parents
Cinematography – Impressive
Screenplay – Balanced
Direction – Matured
Kaali (2018) – Worth watching! Movie starts slowly and gradually picks up the pace. The specialty about the movie is direction and background music. The location around the village side is eye catching. As a woman director, she(Kirtika Uthayanithi) is at her best compared to her previous movie and great improvement. Limited and well known castings and all have done their best. It’s a family entertainer and must watch.


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