Raid (2018)

Ajay Devgn – One of his most casual performance. impressive!
Saurabh Shukla – Classic!
Ileana D’Cruz – Simple
Other – Supportive
Story – It’s a story about a honest & fearless income tax office who carry out raid at one of the powerful person in Lucknow.
Cinematography – Matching
Screenplay – Seat edge
Direction – Neat
Raid (2018) – True event! It’s a honest movie dedicated to the brave IT officers. Movie is crisp and ensures you are tangled and engaged in the screenplay from the start to its end with punching dialogues, Powerful Sequences, humor, emotion, realistic plot and techniques and overall an amazing direction which drives it all. However the background hero of the movie is informer. We must salute them also they need also praise for there hard work. Worth watching!

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