Kaala (2018)

Rajinikanth: Amazing portrayal as Kaala, subdued super-hero yet bold actions, humanized yet unstoppable trademark styles certain to raise Rajinikanth fans mercury parameters.

Huma Qureshi: Fully justified the role of Zareena as ex-flame of Kaala.

Nana Patekar: Played adversary, Hari Dada with threatening matured performance and emanating sparks with his mere presence in scenes.

Easwari Rao: Deserves special mention for portraying Selvi as Kaala’s wife.

Anjali Patil: One is bound to admire and fall for the character Puyal played dominantly by the actress, a lover of Kaala’s son.

Story: A runaway teenager from Tirunelveli grows up to become Dharavi king, fights against the mighty gangster, land grabber and politician from their nefarious design of converting the prime Dharavi slum land into digital Dharavi in the guise of making pure Mumbai.

Cinematography: Top

Screenplay: Flawless

Direction: Pa Ranjith as director and writer certainly delivered actions, big thrills, dealt relevant burning socio-political issues with ease containing the persona of the superstar and lead actor little toned down to project real character, yet carefully nurtured to feed the appetite of Superhero Rajni fans.

Kaala(2018): The film depicts very carefully mass uprising of urban poor with Kaala providing the high voltage leadership, to take head-on against poverty, exploitation, power abuses and toying of administration at the hands of mighty. It’s an out and out Paisa Vasool for Rajni fans watching action and confrontation scenes between Rajinikant hand Nana Patekar and the occasional dialogue delivery by Rajinikanth in Marathi and Hindi is a delight to hear.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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