Incredibles 2 (2018)

Craig T Nelson: Pop Bob Parr has been left as a substitute parent to take care of his disobedient teenage girl, an erratic baby & a distressed pre-teen boy.

Holly Hunter: Mom Helen who is the new breadwinner for the family.

Samuel L Jackson: A babysitter & an old friend named Frozone aka Lucius Best.

Sarah Vowell: Violet a teenaged daughter who is rebellious.

Story: Mom Helen & Pop Bob Parr, their son Dash, Violet, their disobedient teenage daughter & their baby  Jack-Jack have to move out to a depressing motel room. Until telecommunications start tycoon, Winston Deavor & his discoverer sister Evelyn make an entry into their lives with a suggestion that a bodycam must be used by Elastigirl while she would be tracking down Screensaver, the strange villain who hypnotizes people which means Bob is assigned the role of a house-husband.

Cinematography: Well-shot

Screenplay: Beautiful

Direction: Director Brad Bird presents his intrinsic understanding once again of the sequel to the animated superhero category with a very interesting feature. 

Incredibles 2(2018): The film tries to charm an era which has spent its childhood in the Marvel & DC times, & so it’s a relief for them from the moral intense world, in a thoughtful yet simple way. Prior to the climax, the film is slightly stretched. However, no superhero fatigue exists when a captivating story is told. 


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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