For Here or to Go? (2015)

ALI FAZAL:  Played Vivek Pandit a sweet, get along promising talented boy trying sincerely to make a mark in an IT major in Silicon Valley. Fazal brilliantly infuses in his Vivek character sheer determination as well as a state of despair.

OMI VAIDYA: Played the over-ambitious character of Lakshmi, a determined strong-willed IT slave who would like to have a Green Card in the USA at any cost. Omi has played this South Indian caricature in many other movies including famous 3 Idiots.

AMTOSH NAGPAL: Is hilarious displaying as Amit but lacked penetration.

OTHERS: Rajit Kapur as Viswanath Prabhu played a meticulous role exemplifying his character and others also contributed in their own way to the story.

STORY: Three ambitious young men are in a conflict of mind about settling in U.S.A or returning to the motherland. Omi Vaidya, a promising over ambitious software professional journey crumbles because his employer declines to offer him employment due to bizarre US immigration laws and paperwork issues combined to that worry is his visa also expiring shortly.



DIRECTION:  Rucha Humnabadkar’s debut film lacks depth and does not deserve any special mention.

FOR HERE OR TO GO (2018): The film depicts the desires of the young brains sweet American dream, the alarming truth of deportation of illegal immigrants, recession, paperwork issues, uncertain foreign land, its culture and tradition and all these combined are crushing their long cherished desires and dreams.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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