Skyscraper (2018)

DWAYNE JOHNSON: Plays Will Sawyer a security analyst who becomes a superhero and displays his strong physicality with a delicate expressive role.

NEVE CAMPBELL:Displayed Sarah Sawyer wife of Will with a hard-hitting performance and a pleasant smile.

CHIN HAN: The Singaporean star played the role of Hong Kong developer Zhao Long Ji with credibility

STORY: Will, the security analyst when on a visit to Hong Kong with his surgeon wife, Sarah and their twins for a high profile interview in the world’s tallest building “Pearl” finds engulfed in a violence perpetrated by heavily armed miscreants setting one floor on fire. Will, though wounded with a prosthetic leg does superheroic act to rescue and save his wife and twins who are trappedin the towering inferno in one of the floors.



DIRECTION: Rawson Marshall Thurber have made honest attempts to make you feel good about bravery and resilience while trying utmost to devoid you of any feelings towards the countless bodies that get blown away to bits in the name of thrills.

SKYSCRAPPER (2018): The film is an entertainment, fun and provides viewers with many near death experience and dizzying action sequences. It is a classy summer action movie with a simple story, no complications and sufficient charisma of Johnson to win the hearts of audience and box office with an eye on the Chinese market.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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