Dhadak (2018)

ISHAAN: He displayed the character of Madhukar (Khattar) with strong screen presence, cute, cool confident, adorable, depicting a wide range of perfect emotions.

JANHVI: This is her debut in Bollywood portraying the character of Parthavi and the little raw performance is understandable. She struggles with her dialogue throw but does exceedingly well in emotional scenes in patches, looks radiant and brings freshness by her screen presence.

STORY: The film is based on a very successful Marathi film Sairat released in 2016 but modified to make it palatable to Bollywood movie buffs. Shot charmingly with a backdrop of scenic Udaipur, it is the love story of a 20 years old Madhukar cute son of a middle-class restaurant owner at the lakeside and Parthavi, daughter of a mighty local politician.



DIRECTION: Shashank Khaitan did justice to the story having a huge responsibility of remaking a very successful Marathi movie.

DHADAK (2018): Dhadak lacks authenticity & cannot be labelled a total Bollywood romance film. The lack of incendiary passion between the two young characters fails to stir the screen. The story brings forth the age-old social evils of inequalities, class, caste and religion but the young love-birds dare to fight the societal evil and norms to strengthen love.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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