Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

PAUL RUDD: Likeable Paul returns as Scott Lang and played brilliantly with ease the character with a unique incredibly dry, sweet, wicked sense of humour. He brings charm and warmth to his performance and sparkle as co-lead in the film.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS: Brings credibility to his role as Dr Hank Pym, portraying an emotional pivotal role in the film. 

EVANGELINE Lilly: Played Hope & Hank Pym’s daughter with great skill displaying the bold superheroine character and easily steals the spotlight.

STORY: Scott Lang is serving house arrest for 2 years for supporting Caps in civil war balancing his act of managing a security firm and his loving daughter. But he is required to help once more his old associates Van Dyne and Hank Pym both of whom are on the run from FBI. They have developed Quantum tunnel inspired by Scott’s survival in Quantum Realm in the last movie. By this, they can shrink and wish to bring back the original Wasp, Jan Van Dyne wife of Hank Pym played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

CINEMATOGRAPHY:  Excellent in patches


DIRECTION: Peyton Reed direction tried to do justice to the storyline.

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP (2018): The film is a refreshing Marvel sequel punched with wit, well-timed light-hearted humour, exciting calibrated sci-fi action and an emotional heartfelt storyline. But it lacks the sheer punch and mind-blowing heft of Infinity War, Avengers, Ant-Man. Considering the over-achievement, ambition and scale of Marvel movies in the recent era it feels a work of lesser dimension.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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