Vishwaroopam 2 (2018)

Kamal Hassan delivers in his promise of a sequel to his runaway hit Viswaroopam in the form of V2. Produced by Rajkamal International, V2 hits the screen after a long wait of 5.5 years after its prequel.
During the making of Viswaroopam KH realized that he would end up having a one and half movies instead of one. So the “genius” that he is, decided to make two movies out of the one and half that he had instead of pruning it to one and so we have V1 and V2. It does not take long to give a verdict to this film, 30 minutes into the film you know the mess you are expecting. This “spy thriller” is outrageously lame and so slow that watching a tortoise walk could pump up your adrenaline. V2 tries to be cheeky, humorous and smart but ends up as a laborious effort with some outdated logic and archaic CG. The characters in the film centre around KH and you have the onerous effort of watching KH in almost every frame playing God. The two women in the film crave for his attention(as is always the case in his movies) and he teases them and shuns them with his unimpressive “verbal diarrhea”. Yes there are a lot of references to the real one too. V2 relies heavily on those “Cuts” from V1 to make up for time in V2 and a silly climax to end the torture.
Kamal Hassan as an actor does no better and looks totally out of place as a dashing spy. The women in Pooja and Andrea do their bit though it is Andrea who looks her part in her “sillier” role. Then there are the other stalwarts in the form of Rahul Bose, Shekar Kapur and Jaideep who play second fiddle to the Big Boss. Waheeda Rahman looks all grace in a role and an episode just to please the maker.
V2’s saving grace is the cinematographer in the form of Shamdat Sainudeen. SS does a good job to make V2 more intense than it actually is. Music by Mohammad Ghibran(that is how he calls himself in this film) is average. Editing would have been much more about how to stretch the film to its length. Dialogues are plain and direction below average.
V2 is a rickety ride across the globe in a bumpy plane with a self indulgent captain piloting it. Self indulgent that he usually is, KH before the film begins manages to thrust his “political journey” to the viewers unapologetically with a documentary of himself. An obsessed and narcissist KH makes V2 all about himself.
Viswaroopam 2 is a tribute to “Kamal hassan” from Kamalhassan and strictly for himself.
VISWAROOPAM – bussssss!
Review by B.U.Shreesha

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