Sudani from Nigeria (2018)

Soubin Shahir – Impressive and excellent knock.

Samuel Abiola Robinson– Casual

K.T.C. Abdullah -Short role but special and touching performance.

Others: Awesome

Story: It’s a story about African football player and his local football club manager from Kerala.

Cinematography: Neat

Screenplay: Smooth

Direction: Topnotch

Sudani from Nigeria (2018): Satisfying! It’s a feel good movie with natural performance from everyone. Malayalam industry is coming up with some of the best movies in the past few years. There’s lot of humor and rest of the movie travels in smooth place to keep you involved. There was lot of focus on the African player and their life struggles that can really interest the viewers to know their life style. The care shown by the elder people was the powerful symbol of our country. A special kudos to the director and his team for the real hard work behind the scene which has given the film all its beauty. Soubin shahir is always a great actor, but then this role as MAJID in this movie will be marked in history for its excellency. I would say he was living as MAJID rather than acting. Climax was a stunning, honest and touches one’s heart deeply.


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