Kolamavu Kokila (2018)

One of the most anticipated movies in Kollywood Kolamavu Kokila has Nayanthara playing the lead and is directed by debutant Nelson for Lyca Productions. Nayanthara is a name that sells in Kollywood today and if the pre bookings are any indicator she continues to reign.

Nelson in one of his interviews refused to brand KK in a particular genre, truly so the movie jumps into being many things. Quirkiness has of late been the staple diet of many young makers and Nelson too takes the beaten path but adds his own dose of smartness to make KK sufficiently palatable. At the same time lack of consistency is a major let down. Characters come and go as they please and the writer has used “convenience” generously. This results in loss of logic at many places, loose ends that fly uncomfortably and a few songs that slows down the pace.

Nayanthara should be appreciated for straddling offbeat films and commercial entertainers effortlessly that many big male stars would find it difficult to even attempt. In KK Nayanthara sadly is so underplayed with 3 expressions that a dull and docile her is a dampener. Saranya rocks it as a mother quite different from the boring mother we are used to from her. Yogi babu is in his elements especially in the second half while the rest of the cast do their job dutifully.

With a good production budget KK technically turns out very good. Cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan does a wonderful job as KK is shot very well. Editing byNirmal could have been a lot better, while dialogues are good. Direction for a debutant in the form of Nelson is very promising but it is Anirudh who tops the technical background with a snazzy BG and a few peppy songs.

KOLAMAVU KOKILA is mostly entertaining and is quite amusing at a few places, if you can ignore the glitches.



Review by B.U.Shreesha


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