Satyameva Jayate (2018)

Manoj Bajpayee: As Shivansh, he is in his top form. His wonderful act as an honest and fiercely determined cop enhances the credibility of the film.

John Abraham: As Veer, he has been seen ripping-up the tyres & hitting the bad guys. He imbues the role of an angry young man with passion & energy.

Story: Veer commences the mission of assassinating the corrupt cops in the Mumbai police force. As he’s haunted by some of his past horrifying incidents, he becomes a vigilante & schemes his own mysterious plan of action. On the other hand, the intelligent & honest inspector, Shivansh has been given the backbreaking task of uncovering the cop killer.

Cinematography: Top

Screenplay: Focused

Direction: With Satyameva Jayate, Milap Milan Zaveri confidently takes up the task of making this movie with the aim of entertaining people. Not even a single scene will the audience feel that a certain section is not worth appreciating.  

Satyameva Jayate (2018): It’s an action-thriller that revolves around the idea of an angry young man, fighting wrong-doing with raging violence & passion. While it is a pertinent setup, the execution is nowhere near ideal. This movie tries its best to draw the attention of the audience just like the 70’s & 80’s staple cinema.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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