Reprisal (2018)

Frank Grillo – as Jacob, who plays the role of a bank manager who is struggling with his wife and trying to take care of his diabetic daughter. Jacob’s bank is haunted by a violent masked robber that took the life of his co-worker. Then with the help of a police officer he was to find the clue to track down the robber.

Jonathon Schaech – plays the role of a violent robber and named as Gabriel. The whole story revolves   around him. The bank manager along with the cops trying to catch him, but he is highly trained criminal and always one step ahead of cops. Even the investigation team has not been able to crack the case. He plays a challenging role in the movie.

Olivia Culpo – as Christina, and she played as Jacob’s wife. She did not play any important role. Her scenes are like worry moments in the movie.

Bruce Willis – as James, and is the senior police officer in the movie. His role is really very sleepwalking. Besides of all the latest equipment every time he fails to catch the thief. 

Colin Egglesfield – plays the role FBI Agent.

Story– Reprisal is adventurous and full of mysterious movie. In which a bank manager is hunted by a heist that took the life of his co-worker. He team up with ex-cops, James and worked  to figure out next move of thief. Gabriel kidnaps Jacob’s wife and his daughter. In the last Jacob and the cops initiate an explosive counterattack to bring all the three men. 

Production– Randall Emmett, George Furla and Mark Stewart are the producers of this movie and is produced under the banner of Grindstone Entertainment Group, Emmett/ Furla /Oasis Films and Kind Hearts Entertainment. This movie is written by Bryce Hammons. The Scenes were edited by Paul Harb which makes the movie adventurous.

Direction– Brian A. Miller is the director of this movie.

Screenplay – Surprising in term of language.

Cinematography At the top and full of adventurous. 

Reprisal (2018) – Movie starts with Jacob and his wife, Jacob who a bank officer and get robbed by Gabriel. Jacob trying to catch the criminal along with a bank officer wills. The movie shows a sleepwalking effort by wills. Gabriel shows the challenges, while the cops had real detectives, analysts, and millions of dollars equipment with them but still fails to do anything. In the second half of movie people find it little-bit boring because most of the scene are spent sitting in the kitchen, in the Ambulance or in the car and shows that all their wasting their energy bullying about the federal cops.


Review by Priya Rai


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