Vanjagar Ulagam (2018)

Vanjagar Ulagam is produced by the Beedhas and is written and directed by Manoj Beedha. The movie’s trailer grabbed attention with its uniqueness and Guru of Joker fame plays an important role.

The movie gets off the block straightaway and you are lured into thinking that this is going to be one edge of the seat thriller. Sadly, the movie moves at a snail’s pace with long drawn scenes and enactments that bear no importance. With a medley of characters none defined well the movie is moody throughout without proper definition. At 160 minutes the movie is unduly long and can test one’s patience. Yes there is a message in the film that is the only surprise but till then everything is easily predictable.

Guru Somasundram is okayish, Vishagan has to work harder, Chandini Tamilarasan has little to do and there are others aplenty who fail to impress with unconvincing expressions.

Technically the movie is top notch, international cinematographer Rodrigo and Saravanan provide nice visuals. Editing by Antony is OK. Dialogues are substandard; music by Sam rocks the screen while direction by debutant Manoj could have had more depth.

VU is a film that the crew wanted to be “smart” but ends up like a snail barely touching the finish line.



Review by B.U.Shreesha



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