SAAMY 2 (2018)

Hari teams up with Vikram yet again for this sequel of Samy that turned to be a blockbuster then. Thameens produce this movie while some changes in the cast and crew have been made from the prequel.

Inarguably Hari’s best film has been Tamizh that he debuted with. Tamizh did not do business as expected and Hari realized the audience wanted something more. Hari subsequently delivered not just more but much more than what the audience could handle. His over the top action masala found fans and since then there has been no looking back. This movie as well has the Hari formula, action, action and some more action. The movie races at 100 kmph while logic ploughs the reverse gear. The script is just a rehash most of his earlier scripts selectively picking the “worst” from them. The comedy track is the most infuriating part in the film not that the rest of the film was any better.

Vikram is 28 years old in the film, yes he does look fit and good, but 28 is a long shot. Vikram tries his best to entertain. Keerthy Suresh in a silly role follows the hero everywhere trying to prove her stupidity. Bobby Simha as the villain does a decent job. Prabhu is as starched as his shirt in the film and the rest do their best to keep the decibel levels high.

Venkatesh’s cinematography is average, DSP’s background score works, while the songs are lifts from his juke box. VT Vijayan and Jay edit this lengthy mess and do little with it. Dialogues are good while Hari sleep directs this mess.

Hari’s films are like the kid’s toy.. You wind it and let it go.. it will rumble, tumble, fumble and then come to a stop. Just don’t ask why…





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