Raja Ranguski is a murder mystery produced by Vasan Productions written and directed by Dharanidharan.

With an intriguing name(Ranguski famous as the mosquito in Endhiran) RR creates the right buzz as the movie begins. This murder mystery is too simple and easy to dissect with its limited characters and very limited suspects. It does provide some twists but yet there are instances where the pace lags, mostly because of its limitations in characters and its presentation, hence the movie fails to move at speed. The writer does not give the viewer a chance to guess the suspects and so the engrossment level is a notch down. Yet RR scores because of its simplicity and its tight story line. A couple of songs act as a dampener though.

Metro Shirish does a decent job as expected out of him, though his dialogue delivery can be worked upon. Chandini is neat in her role. The support cast is adequate in their roles.

Yuva’s cinematography is good with the limited resources that he has. His penchant for aerial views will catch viewer’s attention. The biggest name in the film U1 makes his presence felt with his back ground score and songs. Dialogues are good while direction is encouraging.

RAJA RANGUSKI at its best is a decent attempt but otherwise is underwhelming and unspontaneous as a murder mystery.





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