Thugs of Hindostan (2018)

The most awaited film of the year, TOH is finally out. With superstars adorning the star cast and Yashraj films bankrolling this mammoth budget movie, TOH is expected to shatter most of the box office records. 

TOH starts off the block at an excruciating slow pace, despite its predictability. The hollow story is a lesser problem than the dull writing and an even sorrier screenplay. An eight year old kid could have flipped the story from the hints in the trailer and the viewer in the theatre for sure knows the course of this “incredible” but sinking ship. The comedy falls flat and the dumb narration is a huge downer. Yet, till the ship floats you can’t help but be mesmerized by the gigantic sets, amazing production and wonderful costumes that are visually very appealing. 

The characters are floppily developed and despite the biggest names in acting they come out unpersuasive. Amitabh Bachchan delivers a majestic performance and it is fantastic to see him perform the way he does at this age. Aamir Khan plays to the gallery but then the writing is so feeble that he is found wanting. Katrina Kaif is there only for a certain “appeal”. Fatima Sheikh is impressive in her role. 

Technically the film is nothing short of brilliant, Manish Nandan does a splendid work behind the camera with amazing VFX to help. Ajay- Atul’s music is well suited and the songs good. John Stewart’ background score is apt. Ritesh Soni’s cuts unfortunately are far and few and less crisp. Action scenes are choreographed well. Dialogues are average while direction by Vijay Krishna Acharya is sloppy. 

The trailer was a huge giveaway in terms of quality and expectations, but then there was the name of Aamir Khan, enough to guarantee quality. Sadly even the gods of Bollywood cannot save these Thugs of Hindostan.





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