LYCA’s much anticipated move 2.O hits the screen after an excruciating wait not just for Rajini and Akki fans but also fans of “sci fi” movies and Shankar, who is the undisputed boss of such movies in Indian cinema.

The storyline of 2.O faithfully sticks to the original and hence you get an updated version of the earlier part with no surprises. While the first part was fun and entertaining, here Shankar takes a while to lead us to the momentum, but then concept and the grandeur of the film keeps you glued. The lack of fizz and spice, though served in parts, makes us wait eagerly for the most expected grand finale. It is after the entry of 2.O Chitti that the move suddenly soars. The energy and the sparkle Chitti along with the surprise 3.0, delivers the much needed entertainment, ensuring the happenings before are conveniently forgotten. What remains in mind is the last 40 minutes and yet it does not match what its prequel delivered.
Technically as you would expect 2.O is ahead of all Indian films by leaps and bounds. This film is far better technically than its predecessor and save for minor glitches stands tall. The 3D effect is amazing and pleasing.  The much hyped 4D( felt only in theatres that support) is a treat. The lack of songs does not work. Songs could have surely entertained as we see in the end credits. Nirav Shah’s camera work is brilliant, ably supported by the VFX team. Resul Pookuty delivers top notch quality, while AR Rahman provides the much needed oomph. Dialogues are OK, but story, narration and direction is Shankar’s Enthiran template and is sadly less imaginative here.. Sujata is sorely missed.
Rajinikanth is at his charismatic best as 2.O and carries the film entirely on his shoulders with his vintage screen presence. As Vasigaran he is subtle( though his diction is inconsistent). Akshay Kumar is majestic in his a shade under cut role. Amy Jackson performs the doll role to the T. The rest are sadly inconsequential.
2.O technically exceeds all expectations, but as a film on the whole it lacks heart. As long as it is a Shankar’s film you revel in visual splendor and when it turns into a Rajini’s film the screen is set on fire. A film for all audience it is fun in the end.
ROBOT 2.O – CoCo !!!

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