2.0 3D(2018)

Dr Vasigaran: Played by Rajinikanth as a go-getter scientist to perfection and scores in the emotional moments.

Chitti: Played by Rajnikant has a blast in this audacious and super-fun role which he capitalised to a great extent after a long time.

Pakshi Raja: Aka “Birdman” played by Akshay Kumar, a larger- than- life supervillain role buried under heavy make-up and graphics however his emotional past story looked laughable and limp.

STORY: An ornithologist is out to take revenge on mankind for ruining his life or specifically for harming the birds he loves the most with the radiation of mobile phone. The sole obstacle in his way is 2.0, the robot which is Chitti in new fifth force sci-fi avatar.

Cinematography: Absorbing

Screenplay: Nothing trademark

Direction:  Shankar directs and churns out a socially responsible vigilante film which is an admixture of horror, sci-fi with an ample dose of special effects and striking visuals.

2.0 3D (2018): The film is relevant socially with a deep-rooted message and a sci-fi twist. The Spectacular scale of the film is best enjoyed in the 3D theatre. 2.0 is all Rajnikant and although the film rests on a thin wafer-like plot but the pace of the film will keep you engaged. The sequence of fights between Chitti and Pakshi is very innovative and bound to bring you on the edge of your seat.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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