Robinhood (2018)

Robin of Loxley: Taron Egerton does all to provide credibility to the role and the action scenes in Peaky-honed style involving his slow-motion twirling through the air firing multiple arrows at one go catches the eye.

Marian: Eve Hewson looks passive and jaded

Sheriff: Played by Ben Mendelsohn stylishly

STORY: This reinvents the legendary English tale where spoiled Robin of Loxley on return from the Third Crusade finds his manor in ruins and his lady love, Marian in the arm of another man. The Nottingham’s citizens are ill-treated and robbed of their earnings by the corrupt and cruel Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin battles the Sheriff in restoring the hope of the people and is joined in this noble task by his friend cum mentor Saracen Little John.

Cinematography: Absorbing

Screenplay: Conservative

Direction: Otto Bathurst direction had the flair of brilliance but looked sometimes out of place, depth and detail. Big name actors could have delivered more if only given space and spotlight.

Robinhood (2018): The film is about organized personal and institutional corruption and cleverly depicts how one feeds and expands the other. The film also details how perpetrators in the guise of political camouflage and religious barbs fleece the working mass pocketing wealth as well as pits one nation against the other. The film is anti-capitalist, anti-nationalist and makes a strong statement against organized religion.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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