Thuppakki Munai (2018)

TM is produced by Kalaipuli Thanu and Dinesh Selvaraj writes and directs this film. Vikram Prabhu after a few debacles aims for a much needed hit.

TM’s story is very predictable and the treatment too is not great, but then there are certain moments that infuses some thrill and again they fizzle out too soon. What is very surprising is that there is no scope whatsoever for the female lead, not even a song and this helps in the narration being focused. There are plenty of characters but they don’t come out strong and perhaps confused too. Again TM throws out many conventions and yet subscribes faithfully to a few.

Vikram Prabhu does justice to the role. He hardly has anything to emote and sticks to the same emotionless look throughout the film that is expected out of him. Hansika Motwani is just a name added to the cast and has roughly around 4 scenes in the film that has no songs. Bhaskar, the experienced hand that he is plays a role that is too easy for him. The others are decent in their roles.
Rasamathi with his camera provides long and wide shots to keep the viewer interested and it works. Bhuvan, the editor does his bit. Muthu Ganesh’s back ground is heavily inspired and fortunately works. Dialogues are OK and direction by Dinesh is decent.

THUPAKKI MUNAI works like the hero of the film, a little confused, though having the right intention.





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