Balaji Tharaneetharan after his well- received film “Naduvula konjam pakkatha kaanom” returns with “Seethakathi” after a long break. Passion studios produce this film and this is Vijay Sethupathi’s 25th film.

The film makes an audacious start making the viewer wonder and as you kind of make try and get used to the happening on screen Balaji gives it a fine twist and from there on the movie is a good ride till the end. Balaji has put more work in his writing and hence the film without a strong story line still manages to keep the viewer engaged. But then what disappoints is somewhere midway through the film you begin to think if the writer has lost out of ideas as the track gets into a loop providing some fatigue to the viewer. There is a message as well the film conveys sometimes subtly that comes across well.

Vijay sethupathi is very good while he is sitting in his chair as the posters depict. His makeup helps a lot in camouflaging his inefficient performance. His dialogue delivery and body language is found wanting in the characters he enacts on screen. There is Mouli who delivers his usual performance. Sunil, Ramya Nambeesan and host others do what is expected out of them, but are found wanting in enhancing the scene.

The movie is a treat technically. Saraskanth the cinematographer has provided amazing visuals. Govind Vasantha is definitely the star of the film. His background score is nothing short of brilliant, totally getting the viewer glued into the mood of the film. The songs are apt and Govind should be proud of his efforts. Govindaraj is the editor and has worked fine. Dialogues are good and Balaji Tharaneetharan proves his mettle in direction once again.

With SEETHAKATHI Balaji proves that NKPK was no fluke, he once again picks a very vague story line and crafts it smartly, but then he could have done a little more, for he is definitely better than the prototype he sticks to.

Finally the movie will be enjoyed more by the ones who understand the nuances of film making.






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