Adanga Maru (2018)

Karthik Thangavel’s debut “Adanga Maru” garnered a lot of interest with its slick teaser and well received promos as well as its trailer. Sujatha Vijaykumar produces this film that has Jeyam Ravi in the lead. Jayam Ravi commands a huge following despite not playing larger than life roles and his choice of not so regular scripts.

The story of AM is as old as the hills, but where it scores is in the way it has been dressed and presented. Its predictability is neutralized by its racy screenplay. With a decent budget and nice gadgets it compensates the familiarity of the narration trying its best not to give the viewer déjà vu. The idea to infuse intelligence in a routine drama works mostly. At the same time the romance, though punctuated with some cute moments loses steam midway. The logic too at times can be questioned but the pace overwhelms it. The film is also helped by its smart casting. Suave actors give beef to their largely underwritten roles.

Jayam Ravi as the intelligent cop carries the film entirely on his shoulders and has a lot of scope to showcase his emotions. Rashi Khanna as his love interest has little to do but does OK. Sampath, Azhagam perumal and the others perform admirably well and suit their roles to a T.

Sathyan Sooryan the cinematographer gives the film a slick look. Sam CS in the background score is good mostly, but a tad inconsistent. The songs are OK. Anthony’s editing helps trim the rough edges. Dialogues are good and direction for a debutant is quite promising.

ADANGA MARU banks on its stars and its screenplay to make the grade.




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