Maari 2 (2018)

Year of sequels in Kollywood and the last month of the year has Dhanush and Balaji Mohan trying once again to recreate the MAARI magic. Dhanush’s Wonderbar Films is the production company.

MAARI 2 has two parts, while the first half is loud, garish and over the top the second half has the subdued Maari. Add to this you have forced comedy, action and what not to make it look a lengthy farce on screen. The villain’s character despite fancy names is very weak and the overdose of Dhanush’s gimmicks makes Maari a tiring watch. The comedy works in parts while some melodrama to showcase the hero in a different angle brings back Basha memories.

Dhanush, the seasoned actor that he is breezes through his role with doses of “Rajinisms”. Sai Pallavi in a totally contrasting role to the ones she has played is playful and convincing. Krishna is brief in a briefer role. Varalaxmi sticks to her archetypal role and delivers nothing new. Robo Shankar manages to draw a few laughter here and there.

Om prakash’s cinematography doesn’t try too much and sticks to the basics. Yuvan Shankar Raja with his songs creates a festive mood with foot tapping numbers. The background score too is decent. Prasanna’s editing is OK, dialogues are decent and direction is plain.

MAARI 2 might appeal to the MAARI fanatics otherwise its less than ordinary…





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