K.G.F: Chapter 1 (2018)

KGF set the movie industry buzzing with its epic trailer that had many in amazement. The buzz meant that the movie was dubbed in many languages including Tamil and had a lot of promotional events sounding out the film to the audience. Sandalwood’s top star Yash plays the hero in the film and Vijay Kiragandur produces this big budget Kannada film.

True to its hype KGF has a very intriguing and interesting story line. Sadly everything ends with that one liner. The script is incoherent and the screenplay despite being unconventional is a complete mess. KGF has a mammoth casting and too many happenings on screen mar the proceedings. The heroism gets too much to digest after a while. Despite a decent build up, the hero worship goes on endlessly. The needless romance acts more as an irritant and the hero’s character should have had more depth.

Yash’s charisma is intact and he carries out his role with aplomb. Srinidhi Shetty has barely anything to do in the film that is dominated by the men in every frame. Ananth Nag and Malvika do what is expected out of them and the others(a misnomer to say others) thousands of them perform well.

If KGF is the mess that it is, then the blame should mostly fall on Bhuvan Gowda the cinematographer. His jumpy shots and mindless panning, incessant blackouts is a torture for the viewer. Though the tone is amazing his recklessness in frames is irritating. Others in the technical department have done an amazing job. Especially the art and the stunts. Ravi Basrur and Tanishk Bagchi handle the music department and do a good job out of it. Shrikanth’s editing is patchy. Dialogues are very good and direction by Prashanth Neel deserves mention.

KGF is a gold mine wasted.. Proper care and better handling of the script would have turned this into gold. It is unfortunate that a wonderful opportunity got wasted. Hopefully it would redeem itself in the second part(if and when it does turn out).



B.U. Shreesha

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