Silukkuvarupatti Singam (2018)

Vishnuu Vishal produces this film that is written and directed by Chella. VV himself acts as the hero in the film.

SS faithfully sticks to the rural comedy fare protocols the earlier films adhered to. Yes a few twists and turns are there here and there, but the comedy does not work here like it did in VV’s earlier films. A few scenes are inspired from some other comedy flicks, but yet there is a particular block before the interval that provides some fun. Post interval it is all drab and drag waiting for it to end.

Visnhuu Vishal is at ease in this character and aces it. Regina as his love interest does not fit the bill as a village belle. SS has a lot of actors who play important roles. Yogi Babu goes about his business as usual. Sai Ravi is effective as the villain. Karunakaran is the apt foil for VV and Livingston is over the top. Oviya is silly in her sillier role.

Laxman has a lot of budget to provide colourful visuals. Leon James is faithful in delivering typical tracks and the back ground score too is average. Ruben’s editing could have done a bit more.

Dialogues are OK and direction by Chella is OK for a debutant.

Silukkuvarupatti Singam is much less fun than it could have been.





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