Simmba (2018)

Ranveer Singh: Ranveer lives the character of Simmba with zest and aplomb, aided by massy wisecracks in an endearing Marathi accent that will make you chuckle.

Sara Ali Khan: Leading lady Sara Ali Khan, however, has precious little to do besides looking breathtakingly beautiful.

Sonu Sood: A dapper Sonu Sood fits the bill as Durva Ranade as a family man on the wrong side of the law. He ably depicts the conflict of a man who has to protect his own, despite their misdeeds.

Story: An unscrupulous cop Bhalerao Sangram aka Simmba (Ranveer Singh) develops a conscience after a tragedy strikes his loved one. But will his newfound integrity lead to the victory of good over evil?

Cinematography: Good

Screenplay: Perfect

Direction: Instead, what comes off as more natural is Simmba’s connect with character artistes, with whom he forges familial ties. But that and everything else happens in trademark Rohit Shetty style. This is his brand of cinema, where the hero has a larger-than-life swag, but is also relatable to the common man.

Simmba (2018): Simmba is a potboiler that you expect it to be, where the good surely outweighs the bad.


Review by Shreya Ghosh



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