Petta (2019)

The hype, the teaser, the trailer and director Karthik Subburaj’s craze for Superstar meant Petta had all the makings of Blockbuster written all over it. Add to it the muscle power of Sun Pictures and their aggressive publicity Petta despite another biggie competing had clearly made a head start.

It would be cliché to say that it’s a routine story, and Petta story is no different. But then KS had clearly said in his interviews he wanted to make a Rajini film and true to the caption you get “Rajinified”. The first half is full of Rajinisms and KS ensures that it does not come across forced. Despite so many freeze moments KS does not allow the scenes to stay longer switching quickly for more such moments. The first half is a breeze. The real action begins in the second half and despite lacking depth manages to hold until the UP episode surfaces. It is here that despite the presence of Nawazuddin and Vijay Sethupathi the pace still remains just about steady. There are so many characters despite that are just about functional and disappear without a trace. But then it was supposedly written that way with heavy weight actors. It is left to the climax to get it back on steam.

Rajinikanth, well to many who over the years have written obituaries to his acting career have only managed to retire earlier than him in their career. This man can still rock the screen with his awesome screen presence, terrific timing and woo the audience with his amazing charisma. His work in this film is a lesson to the stars of today and tomorrow. The amount of hardwork, effort and dedication he puts in his performance is the reason why he continues to be the biggest entertainer in Tamil Cinema while stars half his age still squabble for his throne. Vijay sethupathi brings to table what is expected and he does not disappoint in that. Nawazuddin once again shows why he is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema. Simran makes a refreshing come back that is sadly limited. Trisha has very little to do. Sasi Kumar is okay, but Bobby Simha impresses. The rest are fine.

Thurunavukkuarasu’ cinematography with different tones is effective. Anirudh’s songs are chart busters while his background score is slightly underwhelming. Dialogues are good, while Editor Vivek Harshan should have spent some more time with the film. Karthik Subburaj delivers what he wanted to.

PETTA is an Karthik Subburaj’s gift not just to Rajini fans but also to himself. Fans who have been deprived of a proper Rajini film now can get Rajinified after almost a decade.




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