Viswasam (2019)

Satyajyoti Films produce this Biggie that has Ajith Kumar playing the lead with Nayanthara. After a lot of confusions this movie finally made it to the screens and still managed to hold its own atleast in Tamil Nadu against PETTA.

Well you have Siva and Ajith back for the fourth time in a row. So now the viewer has no surprises either in the story or the treatment after being fed on the same diet for almost 6 years. VISWASAM could have easily been a Sharath Kumar film of the late 90s and later. Rural premise, festival tiff, family woes and sentiments, melodrama, insipid comedy and some action make up a bland film. A few emotional moments do work but then the silly plot with logical loopholes galore makes it a tedious watch.

Ajith does not have to try hard and he continues from where he left in his previous films Siva. Nayanthara sticks to her standard expressions and does not offer anything new. Jagapati Babu’s villainy is unimpressive while the rest of the cast are annoying.

Vetri behind the camera provides enough fodder to the scenes. Iman’ songs are good while the background score is electrifying. Ruben’ gives the film a decent cut. Dialogues are average while direction by Siva is similar for the fourth time.

VISWASAM might appeal to a section for its forced melodrama but then is a dampener. The wait to see a redeemed Ajith continues in sincere hope not expecting a reunion.



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