Uriyadi 2 (2019)

A few years back URIYADI hit the theatres creating a huge impact among avid film watchers and when the sequel was launched it generated a huge buzz across. 2D entertainment produces this film that is directed by Vijay kumar.

URIYADI, was impressive because it did not deal with the social scenario in a loud way, the way the message interspersed with the narration and the characters was what made it an endearing film. VK seems to have missed this in this so called sequel( namesake). This film has everything that is loud and clear. The references, the back drop, the names all make it so evident that the preachy nature of the screenplay brings in nothing new. Yes here the writer makes it clear not to beat around the bush. There are moments where VK displays his craft, the build-up, the way he brings it all together, but then again the hurried, typical climax spoils it.

Vijay kumar fits the bill as the protagonist, his simple, ineffable ways clicks. Vismaya as the female lead does OK. Sudhakar and the rest are decent too.

Cinematographer and the music director breathe life and energy to the proceedings with their wonderful work. Praveen Kumar’s cinematography brings alive the proceedings while Govind Vasanth’s back ground score is powerful despite being loud at times. The songs are but speed breakers. Linu’s editing is decent while dialogues are good. Direction by Vijay Kumar is standard.

URIYADI 2 is not hard hitting as its name sake prequel despite being more outspoken here. Yet Vijay Kumar proves that he is here to stay.





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