Kuppathu Raja (2019)

Saravanan M, Siraj S and Saravanan T produce Kuppathu Raja that has GV Prakash playing the lead role.

With the premise of the movie set in North Madras the viewer is aware of what to expect. Loud and garish KR goes about establishing itself very early without any inhibitions or remorse. You get the usual menu of lewd jokes, cliché romance, and pathetic comedy along with an underwhelming action block. Despite the presence of some fine actors KR still fails to connect with the viewers at any moment.

GV Prakash walks through this (Dhanush patented) role like he has done before. Palak Lalwani and Poonam Bawaja are their usual self in this typical “hero hyped” movies where romance borders on being coarse. MS Bhaskar is wasted in this wasted role. Parthiban could have done better elsewhere. Yogi Babu’s comedy falls flat.

Mahesh Muthusamy’s camera work is good, while the songs are jarring because of the on goings on the screen. Praveen KL’s experience helps the viewer endure a bit. Dialogues are below standard. Direction by Baba Bhaskar is ordinary.

KUPPATHU RAJA does not even lift despite the presence of a character named “rocket”. It is sluggish and a washed out effort.





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