Natpe Thunai (2019)

Natpe Thunai is marketed as a sports comedy film that is produced by Sundar C and directed by Parthiban Desingu.

OK, let us cut it short, NT despite it being branded a sports film talks about everything else and it takes the last 30 minutes to really believe that this is a sports film. By then you know what would happen in David vs Goliath ending in cinemas.

Like most Tamil movies the hero here too does nothing but aimlessly wander throwing one liners at everyone until “fate” strikes and the rest you know. Yes, you have a heroine and some friends who ogle at him praise him and are at the receiving end of his some cringe worthy comments. So there is nothing more and nothing less.

Aadhi, is another internet sensation and as usual goes about doing what he knows the best that might make a section happy with the usual “Tamil” connotations. Anagha has more to do only in the songs. ES Vijay is decent while Karu Palaniappan impresses.

Aravind Singh’s cinematography is good. Adhi’s songs are the same that you are used to listening and mar the already tiring proceedings. Fenny Oliver’s editing works. Dialogues are routine and direction is normal.

NATPE THUNAI does not work at any level with its silly writing and outrageous logic.



B.U. Shreesha


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