Mr.Local (2019)

Studio Green produces this film that is written and directed by M.Rajesh and has Siva Karthikeyan and Nayanthara in the lead.

M. Rajesh’s recent outings at the box office had taken a terrible beating and Siva Karthikeyan too had not so decent results at the box office. When these two did come together it was expected to be a laugh riot considering their reputation, but what turns out is a damp squib with a totally outrageous plot and dull narration. The “sexist”,“body shaming” and double meaning dialogues can make you squirm. What is the point in SK avoiding just alcohol and cigarettes when he still can be part of such an embarrassing discourse? Siva Karthikeyan goes about his business like he normally does, but then he should take stock of what he is doing. Nayanthara is a regular in such roles and is predictably boring. Yogi Babu, Radhika, Sathish do not impact in any way in this horrendously written script.

Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography saves the film from being visually boring as well. Hip Hop Tamizha’s back ground score is ineffective while the songs are minor irritants compared to the already irritating film. Dialogues are bad and editing is bland. Direction by Rajesh is appalling.

Mr. Local true to its name is a pathetically made movie that perhaps can appeal to a very small audience who do not mind laughing at some silly and crude jokes.




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