Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2 (2019)

Produced by Poongavanam Anandh VENNILA KABBADI KUZHU 2 is a sequel that has a different star cast and is written and directed by Selvashekaran.

The story has some promise but then it is largely let down due to some shoddy screenplay and poor writing. Set in past the script is plain boring with no surprises till the end. The first half takes its own convenient time to settle and it is only in the later part of the second half the film gathers a little steam. By then the predictability kills it despite the melodrama.

Vikranth with his “sad” look continues to look forlorn. Arthana Binu is OK in her underwritten role. Pasupathi compensates with a good performance. Kishor is decent as well as the rest of the cast.

Krishnasamy’s cinematography is average. Selva Ganesh’s music is good and manages to infuse some energy into the scenes. Editing by Ajay could have been better. Dialogues are standard and direction by debutant Selvashekaran ordinary.

VENNILA KABBADI KUZHU 2 is a disappointment compared to its prequel.





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