Critic Cryptic – B.U. Shreesha

Recently there was an earth shattering news in it was not Rajinikanth retiring from Tamil Cinema, no again, it was not Kamalhassan retiring from politics, hell no, it wasn’t Vijay starting a political party and definitely not Ajith competing in the 2020 MotoGP, it was the agreement that was made by the Producers and PRO’s of Kollywood who were unequivocal in the decision that they would stop “Serving” food and stop “tipping” the movie critics.

The movie makers of Kollywood had come to a unanimous decision that “budget” allocated to the media hugely squeezed the budget of their films and thereby affecting quality. Towards the further advancement of Tamil cinema, the producers, the PRO’s and the movie critics have decided to take this “titanic” step that shall pave way for “Excellent” cinema from the stables of Kollywood. Unfortunately they took a little longer to find out the reason for the dearth of good films and now that they have recognized where the fault lies, there seems to be a “blockbuster” wind blowing across the whole of Kollywood.

With “frugality” being the buzz word, the critics too have vowed to be “economical” in writing and hence “yours truly” has decided to end this article abruptly as am not being paid nor fed to write this article.

B.U. Shreesha


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