Kadaram Kondan (2019)

Based on a French film Rajesh Selva yet again tries his hand at an adapted thriller and has the backing of Kamal hassan’s Rajkamal films to produce it.

For starters this story despite being an internationally inspired one is nothing to crow about. It is as silly as any masala movie that we are used to. The scripting is weak and so is the screenplay that oscillates from being decent to very ordinary. The average screenplay pulls down the film heavily. The characters are loosely etched. There are logical loopholes galore and the “convenient” “unrealistic” coincidences and developments douses whatever little interest that is prudent.

Vikram has done such roles to death and he goes about doing this the same way with the addition of a cheroot. Akshara tries hard and sadly it shows. Abi Hassan is average. The rest are there..

Srinivas Gutha’s cinematography is slick, Ghibran’s music helps convince the viewer of some intensity on the screen. Editing by Praveen is decent. Dialogues are OK and direction plain.

KADARAM KONDAN is superficial and has no heart and is neither smart.




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