Kolanji (2019)

KOLANJI is produced by Naveen Shaik Davood and is written and directed by Dhanaram Saravanan.

Kollywood for some a long time has an unconventional villain in films. It is the father of the hero. A character that has been bullied insulted and shamed endlessly. It takes the climax for the redemption and all is well with a few tears shed. So here again like a few Dhanush movies we have the hero who is a mini version of Dhanush ( aged 11) and his so called “travails” with dad. As in most recent tamil films there is an attempt to revive “Periyarism”, “Tamil Nationalism” and what not, so you can assume the casualties in the process. The melodrama and the “rationalism” is all contrived and sound mediocre without any purpose.

Krubakaran the hero of the film is a mini version of Dhanush and it is easy to notice his inspiration. Samudrakanni is his typical self and has played such roles repetitively. Sanghavi after a long interval doesn’t convince much and is amusing in her fresh attire at all circumstances. Rajaji is ordinary in a less important role. Naina Sarwar does not impress while the rest are OK.

Cinematography by Vijayan Munusamy is pretty ordinary. Natarajan’s music is average. Editing by Siva is adequate. Dialogues are standard and direction by Dhanraj Saravanan insipid.

KOLANJI is a movie that must be AVOIDED at any cost and is strictly a no show to KIDS for it sends out the wrong message with the hero of the film being a bad role model. The justification of the hero’s antics and misdoings is hardly amusing as well as is cringe worthy.

It goes without saying that it is films such as these that set a bad example to the kids and inspire them for future acts as seen in the “battle” among a few college kids in Chennai.

AVOID films as these for the betterment of not just our kids but the society as well..


Desist from avoiding any marks to this film reserving the strongest condemnation for such films..


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