Aaradi (2019)

AARADI is directed by Sonthosh Kumar and is written by Sakthivel. The movie is produced by Naveen Kumar S.

Aaradi is a movie that relies on the female protagonist in a unique role. This family drama manages to stay afloat most of the times. The film relies on the message of women empowerment and it is subtly said instead of being preachy or loud. The drawback is the way the scenes have been crafted. The screenplay lacks spice and fails to come to terms with the storyline.

The star of the film is Deepika Thangaraj who despite being a newbie manages to convey the emotions of her character effectively. Vijayaraj as the male lead is weak while the rest in the film perform averagely.

With a limited budget not much happens on the technical front. The songs are vaguely shot and so is the music that is very adequate. Dialogues are passable and direction by a debutant less promising.

AARADI is a movie that has potential but is let down perhaps by a lot of factors.





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