Dear Comrade (2019)

Mythri Movie Makers produce this film. Bharat Kamma is the writer and director and it’s a multilingual keeping in mind Vijay Devarokada’s huge popularity.

The story of DC is concoction of a disparate ingredients and while that’s interesting it doesn’t really balance well. The time and again reminiscing of the hero’s mass image means you get longish fight scenes. The politics in the movie is weakly crafted and you wonder if it was necessary in the context of the characters. The length of the film does not help as well and so the film takes its own pace to unwind added to that the bad climax.

Vijay Devarokada again proves why he is the star that he is made out to be. He single handedly shoulders the responsibility of making this movie watchable. It’s not just as a star as a performer too you realize why the film looks better when he is on screen and less interesting when he is not. Rashmika gives an inconsistent performance but is natural as a cricketer. Her lip sync is found wanting. Shruthi Ramachandran delivers a good performance.

Sujith scores well with his cinematography. Justin Prabhakaran’s music is a major asset to the film. Dialogues are standard. Tighter editing by Sreejith could have helped. Direction by Bharat is good.

DEAR COMRADE tries to tell a lot in a length way. It’s Vijay Devarokada who makes it watchable..





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