Cinderella and the Secret Prince (2018)

When I started to watch this animation, I didn’t have that much high hope. I thought it was just another nonsense story and the animation would be just fine because it wasn’t from Disney, DreamWorks or such American big animation companies. But within five minutes, I realised that I was wrong.

This animation is a remake version of the famous Cinderella story. But it’s really different from the original story. They changed the story a bit. People are angry because they changed the story. (To those people, what I wanna say is that haven’t you seen the other films based on the Cinderella story? They also changed the plot. If you want to angry, angry at those ones too.) That wasn’t their fault. If the animation has the same story, who will watch their animation? And also Disney might not happy. So, I understand why they changed the plot.

The story is not that bad. It’s quite good and enjoyable. But it’s a bit predictable. Even me, I predicted three scenes and it turned out exactly what I predicted. If the plot is unpredictable, it’d be better.

The animation is quite good too. I was surprised to see how good the animation is. As I’ve said in above, it wasn’t from American big animation companies such as Disney or DreamWorks (and etc.), So, I was so surprised to see how they could make such a great animation, especially, when I saw at the end of credits that it was produced by a Chinese company. I was indeed so amazed.

The other thing I like is the original score. The music and the song are so good. I totally love it. Because of it, I think the animation is better and better. The end credit song is so good. I totally love that song.

The voice actings are basically fine. But sometimes, I don’t like Ella’s acting. I feel like in some scenes, it needs something. So, if there’s no such thing that makes me feel that kind of feeling, it’d be the best.

One thing I don’t like is that this one isn’t a completed one. I think they are planning to produce a sequel. If not, I’d say they should put some scenes where the prince turns into human again and his marriage with Ella, those kind of scenes.

All in all, although people are giving low rates and bad reviews, as for me, it’s kind of enjoyable. It was totally worth spending time.

Rating: 2.75/5

Review by silvermistvio


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