100% Kadhal(2019)

100% Kadhal is a rom – com directed by Chandramouli. The film is a remake of Telugu film by the same name. Sukumar and Bhavana Chandramouli have produced this film.

The movie has a very pedestrian story line that is mounted on a few interesting strings. The screenplay unfortunately is frivolous and the presentation ludicrous. Chemistry between the lead pair, so important in a romcom is bland to say the least. The forced humour annoys more than it entertains and even the messages that the film is supposed to convey is lost in this façade.

GV Prakash is as usual you can get. Shalini Pandey tries her best but it isn’t enough. There is Rekha, Nazar and Thambi Ramaiah doing whatever is expected of them.Wonder what 6 kids are doing in a film as this.

Cinematography by Ganesh is pedestrian. Music by GVP is eminently forgettable. The lyrics are pathetic in a few songs. Editor Kasi Viswanathan fails to do justice. Dialogues are average and direction unimpressive.

100% Kadhal fails inspite of being a carbon copy of a successful film.

100% KADHAL – 90% SODHAPPAL !!



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