Asuran (2019)

Kalaipuli Dhanu’s V Creations produces this film that is written and directed by Vetrimcaran. The film is based on a novel by Poomani called Vekkai.

Vetrimaran is known for his brand of films that is earthy and raw. The film begins on a tense note and then on it maintains the tempo throughout the film. There are hardly any lighter moments in the movie and the broody tone of the film keeps audience engaged The pre interval fight is brilliantly choreographed. The second half with a predictable flashback culminates in an unsurprising climax and a typical message that is expected of Vetrimaran’s political leanings.

Dhanush proves his mettle yet again especially as the aged one. Manju Warrier delivers a mature performance. Pasupathi revels. Arunasalam is impressive in a short role. Subramani Siva, Prakash Raj and the rest do their bits well.

The highlight of the film definitely is Velraj’ cinematography that breathes extremity in every frame that the director so expects. GVP shows again why he is a better music director than the actor that he assumes himself to be. Ramar’s editing is crisp. Dialogues are good and direction by Vetrimaran yields expected results.

ASURAN is Vetrimaran’s comeback vehicle after the not so impressive VADA CHENNAI. Yet the darkness, the blood, the gore and the repetitiveness without being ingenious makes ASURAN  an above average retro revenge drama.





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