Aruvam (2019)

Trident Arts produce this film that is written and directed by Sai Sai Shekar.

A good idea can only take you that far without proper execution. Aruvam suffers from a convoluted script that blights a decent idea. A straight plot sometimes needs only a normal presentation. The first half of the film jumps around like a fallen coil spring. It is the second half that brings some semblance to the script. By then the interest is lost and the climax again jogs the painful memories of our first half. The film ends with a very bold promise of a sequel.

Siddharth is passable. Catherine tries to overplay her part. Sathish is his regular self. The rest all make up the numbers.

Akhambaram’s camera work is above average. SS Thaman keeps you wide awake with his heavy score. Praveen KL’s editing does not help the messed up script.

Dialogues are OK. Direction is average.

ARUVAM could have been a simple and an entertaining film with a strong message but ends up being a below ordinary fare.





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