Yoodlee Films produce this film that is written and directed by Madhumita Sundararaman.  Madhumita is known for her films like “Kola Kolaya Munthirika” and “Vallamai Tharayo”.

KD has a simple premise that is nicely woven with some cute intermittent moments and a few stark realities of life. The screenplay too is minimalistic and lets the journey unravel than forcefully start, pause and end the drama. Characterization is another major plus in the film as they are very natural and keep them within the scope. You can see some influences of films with similar plot, but to the writer’s credit she keeps those very restricted, never compromising the natural essence or the smooth flow of her film.

Mu.Ramasamy plays the role of KD with sincerity and is a joy to watch with his honest expressions and apt body language. Naga Vishal is the perfect foil to KD’s maturity and scores with his nonchalance and boldness. The rest do their part well.

Kempuraj’s cinematography keep is pleasant and sticks to the ethos of the film. It is in the music department that Karthikeyan Murthy lets the film down a tad. His background score works in patches while the songs don’t make a great impact. Vijay Venkatraman’s editing is neat. Dialogues are good and direction by Madhumita deserves appreciation.

KD is one of those “nice” movies that come once in a while like a whiff of fresh air.





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