Sangatamilan (2019)

The film faced a lot of troubles before finally seeing the light on screen. Vijaya Productions have produced this film that is written and directed by Vijay Chander.

Familiarity breeds contempt! There is nothing in the film that is even remotely decent. Calling this film a rehash of old Telugu masala films would be an insult to them. The comedy in the film doesn’t pass muster. The action scenes do not suit the hero. The heroine tails the hero for no reason while the romance; you are reminded of it in the songs. The screenplay is so uninventive that you can see a hundred clichés that exposes the banality of the script and the hackneyed plot.

This was supposed to be Vijay Sethupathi’s commercial hero launch vehicle and yet again despite innumerable attempts, film makers refuse to see why he is suitable only for his brand of films and not just everything. There is something that only he can do but there are many things that he cannot, the sooner it is realized, the better it is for the actor, for VS can act only as VS whatever the character. Rashi Khanna gets a paid holiday and virtually does nothing. Suri’s stifled role and performance is no better than his loud ones. Nivetha Pethuraj is OK. The rest are just caricatures out of an old comic strip.

Cinematographer Velraj keeps it simple. You wonder if the producer mistakenly paid the duo composers Vivek- Mervin “twice” for the barrage of sound in the background score as well as the songs. Editing by Praveen KL is below standard. Dialogues are average while direction by Vijay Chander is ordinary.

There is a particular dialogue Nivetha says “If there is a woman who shouts for a cause, then remember there is a man behind her”. That is how ridiculous the film is.

SANGATHAMIZHAN is too nice a title to sit on this outrageously bland film. This film is not old wine it is just “OLD WHINE”





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