Action (2019)

Trident Arts produce this film that is written and directed by Sundar C. It is a major shift for Sundar C who is typically known for his slapstick comedy films.

Well, if the title of the film was a no brainer, the film makes it abundantly clear as it opens up to a longish action scene that is just the beginning of plenty more to come. The plot is not great, nor is it bad, but the raucous screenplay and the dimwit stunts make for a painful watch. The comedy is sparse, the drama rare and the songs come as reminders. The later part of the first half is manageable, it is post interval that the film lets itself loose on our senses and ends up being as dumb as the villain.

Vishal does not look his part, though he does average in stunts. Tamannah is okayish despite trying to up the glam factor. Aishwarya Lekshmi and Shah Ra are adequate. Yogi Babu is more like a plus one in all Tamil films these days. Ramki has a short role.

Dudley’s cinematography is barely adequate notwithstanding great locales. Hip Hop Tamizha’s music does not impress nor do the songs. Srikanth’s attempt at smug editing falls flat. Dialogues are standard and direction by Sundar is very average.

ACTION will work for an audience that can enjoy action scenes that violate gravity, logic that insults commonsense, a loose purse and popcorn at the theatre.





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