Kaithi (2019)

Dream Warrior Pictures has produced this film that is written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, whose earlier film “Managaram” was well received.  The trailer of the film generated a lot of positive feedback.

KAITHI wastes no time in hooking the audience with its gripping plot. The taut screenplay especially in the first half makes for an engrossing watch. The characters are well etched and despite the presence of a big star the movie doesn’t solely revolve around Karthi. It’s in the second half that the “super human” efforts of Karthi comes to life and briefly mars the proceedings. Lokesh sticks to the crux of the film and rarely digresses. Yes the length of the film that works around a single thread could have been shorter.

Karthi delivers a compact performance and is at ease in such roles. Narain is fine in his role. The supporting cast all have a significant role to play in the film and do justice to their characters.

Sathiyan Sooriyan’s cinematography is top grade. C.S. Sam proves why he is one of the most proficient music directors in Kollywood. Philomin Raj’s editing keeps the film on its edge. Action scenes are well choreographed and dialogues are firm. Lokesh Kanakraj ups the ante in writing and direction with this film and more is expected out of him. 

KAITHI, may not be everyone’s cup of tea in the form of entertainment, but is a must watch for its sheer originality and audacity. 




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