Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale (2019)

Gokulam Gopalan have produced this film that is written and directed by Sanjay Bharathi.

The title kind of reveals the plot of the movie and the flimsy plot and the fake execution makes it a hard ask to convince ourselves of the travesty that is played out on the screen. There is hardly anything that is remotely decent about the film and despite its short duration it is quite an uphill task to not keep looking at the watch and the exit door.

Harish Kalyan has done his role with all earnestness that somewhat saves the gloom. Digangana and Reba at the best remain triers. Munishkanth is annoying while Yogi Babu is more a mascot and less an actor in the film.

PK Varma’s cinematography is with the mood of the film. Ghibran packs a punch in the songs as well as the background score. Editor Kubendran has little to do and dialogues are standard. Direction is average.

DHANUSU RAASI NEYARGALE is tough watch for all the signs.





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