Jada (2019)

Kollywood seems to have taken a fancy for sports drama of late and after a decent “KANA” and the  wishy-washy “BIGIL” comes JADA that is produced by The Poet Studios and written and directed by Vignesh Rajagopal.

JADA starts off as a sports film but very unconvincingly. The plot is a not just predictable like in all sports films it is also presented shakily. The director then tries to marry different genres to this sports film while the audience can look through the silly red herring that sprouts like a dumb mole. The execution is very juvenile and the screenplay pretty dumb. The characters are loosely etched and none of them make an impression.

Kathir is decent in his role. Kishore is his usual self. Yogi Babu is a footballer and it is not the first time in Kollywood.  You should know the reasons by now. Roshini has little to do and the inconsequential romance just adds up to the length of the film.

Technically too the film suffers from weak execution. Cinematographer Soorya is very average. Sam’s music is decent. Richard’s editing does not help. Dialogues are OK while direction falters.

JADA post interval changes colour and despite the twist loses badly.



B.U. Shreesha


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