Hero (2019)


HERO is produced by Kotapadi J Rajesh under the banner of KJR Studios. The film is written and directed by Mithran of Irumbu Thirai fame.

A great idea without proper application is like a belt without loops. You can only swing it wildly. Mithran does the same with HERO. The film belts you with preachy dialogues that goes unsubstantiated in the weak script offering nothing new. Characters appear and disappear without purpose. Logic remains a fragile mask throughout and HERO at its best is too weak to be an inspiration unless you find reasons to appreciate the oft repeated message and content.

Siva Karthikeyan isn’t convincing in this ambitious role. Arjun shows yet again why he is still not past his prime. Kalyani supposedly heroine is barely visible. Abhay Deol looks good in his suits and rolls in his Rolls..Ivana does a neat job and Robo Shankar is under utilized.

George William’s cinematography is top draw. Yuvan’s background score is good and the songs above average. Dialogues are decent. Editing by Ruben is functional. Director Mithran fails to improvise.

The issue with HERO is that the ZERO to HERO takes two hours and by then you feel like a villain..





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